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Got some help with teeth.

FWirkus started this conversation

<>My name is Frederick Wirkus.
I would like to say a special thank you to Donated Dental Services, for their help with my teeth.  They made it possibal for me to get the impacted teeth worked on.  Although I still have teeth wrotted in my mouth, they did help me to get rid of the one that was infected. Thank you again for that!

<><><>Living on a very low income of less than $8000 a year gives us no money for such luxuries as teeth.  We have a hard enough time trying to buy medicines And food.  So, getting my teeth fixed is like a miracle!  I have been disabled with M.S. for 6 years now, so we are used to living cheap. I want you folks to know we don't waste money on things like trips or clothes, or even going out to eat. We are not wasteful. We recycle our rubbish! I tell you this so you know whem we recieve help, it is not wasted or abused!

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Frederick Wirkus
1121 Monroe Street
Sweetwater, TN. 37874-2038

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i was wanting to ask you what denist helped you because my son has 2 teeth that need cut out and my husband has one that broke off today could i get the phone number to that denist my husband gets unemployement and thats all the income we have it takes it all for our bills

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Hello Fredrick,


I saw your post about you having dental work done, my boyfriend patrick needs all of his teeth pulled out, but last week he started to get like an abscess on top of his gums in the front of his 3 teeth, he went to the ER cause he was in so much pain, but they didn't do anything for him, they just told him to go see a dentist asap. Well he went to aspen dental and they did xrays and looked at his teeth, and they wouldn't do anything because they wanted him to open up a medical line of credit, and we don't have the money to do that, so it was going to cost like $5000.00 to get his teeth done, and we have the access plus for right now, but for some reason they cut the pharmacy and dental part of it, for which reason, i have no idea, and he just started a job, and his insurance isn't going to kick in for awhile, and he is in alot of pain, constantly popping ibuprofen 800's and i wanted to ask you if you had any suggestions?

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 in response to kitkat76...   

This can be helped by the homeopthy.


Go to whole foods and you can get heaper sulp and silica  .


These mediincines will cost 20 to 30 dollars and should help a lot

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I have the same problem. Disabilty, Tenncare, none of it will cover ANY dental. I also have teeth that have broken and falling apart,  causing me untold other health issues. I will let you know if I find any answer and hope you will do the same. There has to be something out there for this.

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